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Over the years Mike has logged a wide variety of helicopter filming experience. In addition to working with major motion picture producers he has filmed a tremendous number of television commercials and corporate promos with clients including Ford Motors, Coca Cola, Arctic Cat, AT&T, and others.

ABC, NBC, CBS, A&E, TBS, the Discovery Channel, the Weather Channel, and Animal Planet have all featured Carisch Helicopters footage on various exposes and news specials. Furthermore Mike has filmed a number of limited release films, commercials, public service announcements, and documentaries for non-published commercial, private, and government clientele.

Below is a chronologically organized selection of feature films which were filmed in part from the platform of a Carisch Helicopters aircraft. More recent feature films and documentaries yet to be released have been withheld from this list to protect all film rights prior to release.

Premieres May 2013 - 'North America'; Discovery Channel



Premiered January 2013 - 'Titans of the Ice Age': IMAX in 3D; Produced by D3D Cinema and Giant Screen Films


2013 - '2013 Arctic Cat'


2011 - 'America Revealed: Black Thunder Mine', PBS

PBS Helicopter


Above Yellowstone 2010 - 'Above Yellowstone', Sam Tyler and Brent Sumner

Above Yellowstone; Helicopter


2009 - BBC Presents: 'Yellowstone'

BBC Yellowstone; Helicopter


2006 - 'Secret Yellowstone', National Geographic

Secret Yellowstone; Helicopter


2006 - Warren Miller Presents: 'Off the Grid'

Warren Miller Presents: 'Off the Grid', Helicopter


2004 - 'Wolverine: The Last Phantom', Scandinature Films USA

Wolverine: The Last Phantom; Helicopter


2003 - 'Ulve Sommer', Columbia Tristar and Nordisk Films

Ulve Sommer; Helicopter


2000 - 'Puma: Legendary Lion of the Americas', Black Dog Films

Lion of the Americas; Helicopter


1997 - 'The Horse Whisperer'

The Horse Whisperer; Helicopter


1996 - 'The Patriot', Buena Vista Films

The Patriot; Helicopter


1996 - NOVA Presents: 'Avalanche!'

NOVA Avalanche; Helicopter


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