Carisch Helicopters

Utility and External Load

With its powerful Rolls Royce turbine engine and upgraded high altitude tail rotor ''Helicopter-Two-Tango-Charlie'' has the capability to fly higher and carry more payload while maintaining control authority on hot summer afternoons or gusty winter mornings. This strength and power contributes to safety by giving the pilot a greater control margin over similarly sized aircraft.

When configured in a cargo or utility role this helicopter is a true performer. The seats easily come out increasing the already voluminous main cabin. The ambulance door allows bulky objects to be easily inserted and removed from the helicopter and the left side cockpit seat even comes out creating a tunnel for storing long objects such as poles or antennas safely within the helicopter.

The external belly hook provides a fast and reliable attachment point for carrying on a longline items too bulky or hazardous to fit inside the cabin such as drums, cargo nets, pallets, snowmobiles, etc. Contact Mike for more information on how to make your ranch or commercial longline project a breeze with the help of Carisch Helicopters, Inc.

Lifting a himalyan snow leopard for a photo shoot

Animals of Montana Helicopter Bozeman


Carisch with a tree in Big Sky, MT

Big Sky helicopter with Tree

Proudly serving Bozeman and Southwest Montana since 1991

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